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  • Please note that ALL orders are final ... no refunds. However I'll be happy to replace product for something else
  • All tubes in store require proper credits and license. From tube packs or from kits.

License info:

  • If you purchased any product from my previous WDD store you may still use that licence for any past orders there and any future orders here. If you lost it you may contact me to resend it.
  • If you never made order in my previous store,any orders made here you would need to use license which would be ''WDD_YourInitials''


©Artist Name WDD_License

Gift Certificate Info:

How to Purchase and gift it to someone?

Enter amount of your choice and add to cart.

After purchase is completed, contact me by ''Contact'' form in store with your order number, + name and email of person that you want to receive it.

Personal custom code will be created and sent by me to person of your choice within 12-24h.

*If you would like to gift it to multiple people without having to purchase for each separate it is also possible. Simply enter total amount you would like to gift. As stated above, contact me by ''Contact'' form in store with your order number, + names and emails of people receiving along with how much for each.

  • Example: Total amount bought is $30. Person A will receive $15, Person B will receive $10 and Person C will receive $5

  • You MAY mix my kits with each other for your creations.
  • It is NOT allowed to share any of my products in any way, shape or form.
  • Tubes that are in kits can be used with those kits only.

For any questions/concerns etc you may contact by ''Contact'' form in store, directly on email or on FB